Aberdeen Lifeboat Mechanics

Traditionally, a lifeboat Mechanic was the only full time member of the crew. With the advent of the more sophisticated Severn Class Lifeboat, the RNLI now employ a full time Coxswain at Severn stations, as well as a Mechanic.

This is a list of RNLI Mechanics employed at Aberdeen Lifeboat Station since 1925.



From To Boat
Alexander Weir October 1926 September 1939 RNLB Emma Constance
B Foster August 1940 April 1944 RNLB Emma Constance
D M Hoggins May 1944 November 1961 RNLB Emma Constance,  RNLB Hilton Briggs, RNLB Ramsey-Dyce
Robert Anderson December 1961 September 1966 RNLB Ramsey-Dyce
Ian B Jack October 1966 June 1990 RNLB Ramsey-Dyce,   RNLB BP Forties
Roderick McGillivray June 1990 June 2000 RNLB BP Forties,   RNLB Mickie Salveson
Michael A McGillivray June 2000 Present RNLB Bon Accord
No.2 Boat Mechanic . . .
Robert J B Esson April 1947 April 1957 RNLB George and Elizabeth Gow
John G Martin April 1957 June 1962 (No.2 Boat Withdrawn) RNLB George and Elizabeth Gow