As a major port in Scotland, Aberdeen has had a lifeboat station since 1802, when the very first Aberdeen Lifeboat was ready for service on the North Pier.

1802 – 1820 : Greathead ‘Original’ Type 10 Oar Pulling Lifeboat
1820 – 1841: No lifeboat stationed at Aberdeen.
1841 – 1857: 30ft Pulling Lifeboat built by Messrs. Wake and Son, Monkwearmouth.
1857 – 1924 : Bon Accord I : Self Righting Pulling Lifeboat
1875 – 1924 : Bon Accord II: Self Righting Pulling Lifeboat


The following is a list of lifeboats stationed at Aberdeen, excluding relief lifeboats, since the station came under RNLI command in 1925.

1925 – 1926: RNLB William Roberts: 40ft Watson Type Pulling and Sailing Lifeboat ON505.

Legacy of Mr William Roberts of Manchester, she cost £1606 and only launched on service once while on station at Aberdeen. 0 lives saved.

1926 – 1951 : RNLB Emma Constance: 61ft Barnett Type Motor lifeboat ON693.

Legacy of Mr John Mackie of York, she cost £15,821 and launched 92 times on service during her Aberdeen career, saving 95 lives.

1951 – 1958: RNLB Hilton Briggs: 52ft Barnett Class lifeboat ON889.

Legacy of Mrs Emily A Briggs of Birkdale, she cost £29,928 and launched 21 times on service while at Aberdeen, saving 20 lives.

RNLB Hilton Briggs

1958 – 1976: RNLB Ramsey – Dyce: 52ft Barnett Class lifeboat ON944.

Legacy of Mr William Ramsay of Dyce, Aberdeen. She cost £38,232 and saved 30 lives during her 60 services at Aberdeen.

Ex RNLB Ramsey Dyce

1976 – 1998: RNLB BP Forties 54-05: 54ft Arun Class lifeboat ON1050.

A generous gift from BP was used towards the cost of BP Forties. She cost £170,000 and launched on service 112 times during her 22 years at Aberdeen, saving 12 lives.

RNLB BP Forties

1998 – 2000: RNLB Mickie Salvesen 52-39: 52ft Arun Class lifeboat ON1135.

Although stationed at Aberdeen for 2 years, the former Kirkwall Lifeboat was only a temporary measure until Aberdeen received their current lifeboat, RNLB Bon Accord. While on station, RNLB Mickie Salvesen launched 25 times on service.

The Beach Lifeboats

The Beach Lifeboats (or Surf Lifeboats) were stationed at Footdee on a carriage. Originally the No.2 lifeboat was a pulling boat but in 1939 the RNLI introduced a motor surf boat. These lifeboats remained on station until 1962 and were replaced by the Inshore Lifeboat in 1968.

1925 – 1939: No.2 Pulling Surf Lifeboat RNLB Robert and Ellen Robson ON669. Rubie Class Self Righter

Legacy of Mr Robert Robson of Surrey, she cost £1,616 and launched on service 6 times saving 21 lives. She is now on permanent display at Whitby Lifeboat Museum.

1939 – 1962: No.2 Motor Surf Lifeboat RNLB George and Elizabeth Gow ON827. Liverpool Class Motor Lifeboat.

Legacy of Mrs E L Gow of London, she only launched twice during her time at Aberdeen and saved 14 lives. She cost £4,709.